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My treatments are given with deep listening, connection and support, in response to each client’s individual needs.

What is Shiatsu

Shiatsu – a Japanese bodywork therapy – is a natural healing discipline from the same ancient oriental medicine principles as acupuncture. Shiatsu works by stimulating the body’s vital energy flow in order to promote good health. The practitioner applies pressure and stretching to the energy lines known as channels or meridians.

It is not merely acupuncture without needles, neither is it simply an oriental method of physiotherapy or soft tissue manipulation; although if assessed purely from its range of physical techniques, it does incorporate aspects of these methods.

The fundamental principle of Shiatsu is to hold, with clear mental focus, sustained stationary contact with the receiver’s body using thumbs, fingers, palms or sometimes elbows or knees and feet; with sufficient patience to wait for a response in the receiver’s subtle energy flow. A variety of stretching, rotating and levering techniques may be required to reduce the receiver’s muscular and mental ‘holding on’ but essentially, stationary pressure or connection at the appropriate angle and depth is what differentiates shiatsu from massage.

Receiving Shiatsu relieves stress and promotes wellbeing.


Book a Shiatsu Treatment


  All sessions are 60 minutes long and cost €60 per session.

  A little extra time is needed for consultation and diagnosis, especially on a first time visit.

 For regular clients – pay just €20 on your fourth visit (€50 per session)