About Christine

My Story

I lived and worked in Germany as a qualified goldsmith and moved to West Cork in 2010.

I always had great interest in health and wellbeing. With mum being a passionate teacher in all things health, I learned a lot about nutrition and mindfulness from an early age. Her passing on her knowledge and love supported me all through my life.

But it wasn’t until I came to West Cork where I met some wise women and men, dear friends of mine, therapists, knowledgeable teachers, passionate gardeners and talented craftspeople, full of insights, understanding and acceptance of the fundamental nature of things in life, that I became interested in the healing aspects of both massage and energy work, as well as living a more grounded, slower paced life closer to nature. And that’s how Shiatsu found me.

What I love about Shiatsu is that it’s a complete health care system that works with the body’s own resources.  Shiatsu is bringing the body back into balance. It addresses not only the symptoms of a condition, but also the underlying causes and works well as a complementary therapy without interfering with other Western treatment plans.

I started studying Shiatsu in 2017 and graduated from the European Shiatsu School Cork in 2021.   I am a registered Shiatsu Practitioner with  the Shiatsu Society Ireland.


“My shiatsu massage with Christine was absolutely blissful. I had been struggling with an old rotator cuff injury from snowboarding and carrying a lot of stress and tension in my neck and shoulders. Christine did a very in-depth client intake form to really understand where I was at physically in order to address and treat me accordingly.

She communicated with me clearly throughout the treatment, ensuring I was comfortable and warm and at ease. Christine is exceptional at what she does, so much so that I was able to reach a state of full relaxation.

After the treatment, not only did my neck and shoulders feel less tense and more relaxed but my whole body felt lighter and I had an overall sense of calmness.

Thank you so much Christine.”

– A happy Shiatsu client